Not More Then One. Just One

Do You Need It?

Do you really need ONE MORE software in addition to other warehouse management, invoicing, accounting programs and numerous Excel sheets?
Our answer is: Need just ONE!
Spare your time and the energy of your fellow employees so that they can really concentrate on what they can do best.

Working as ONE team with ONE software they can avoid multiple data entry and meaningless reconciliations.

Odoo guarantees the management of your basic business processes smoothly. Our customizations will perfectly match your company's special features.



We appreciate your interest in our homepage. This is the first step towards the so desired success. We are offering you here and now simply the SUCCESS, 'cause Odoo is the success! Cloud based integrated Enterprise Resource Planning system is today for many enterpreneurs a promising opportunity, even though unevoidable in the future, because:

  • among crisises we have to commit ourselves to endure, to grow
  • innovation, IT, virtualization definitely change the way we work, how we live
  • in recent local market under cost efficiency constraints we have to increase competitiveness.

Cloud Computing is therefore a keyword - a service running on remote server, with extendable capacity for almost all computing requirements independent from location and time, providing increasable data access with no limits using less equipment, energy and human resources. This means komplex, creative, flexible ways of developement and the use of existing solutions at the same time.

We implement Odoo in this environment.


  • Odoo in the Cloud ensures komplex, creative, flexible ways of developement and the use of existing solutions at the same time
  • it is optimized
  • supports management's real time desisionmaking 
  • is reliable
  • is cost effective and at the same time affordable quality application
  • increases efficiency

  • transparent

  • adoptable to increasing, new technical solutions 

It has never been easy to make decisions - not even for the cloud. But it is stronlgy  recommended for Odoo in the Cloud.