Odoo Enterprise

With Odoo Enterprise, Odoo provides a level of service unmatched in the Business Application industry for less than half of the cost of most competitors

One-click install

Odoo 8 is built as a portal of integrated apps. As a result, when a customer launches Odoo he will start with an empty instance. He can then select the applications he wants to use at any time in one click. If for any reason, he is not happy with the application he has chosen, the customer is also able to uninstall it seamlessly.

Security alert

An alert system has been set up to notify Odoo customers as soon as a security vulnerability is detected. We will then provide you with a corrective patch a few weeks before it is publicly announced in order to give you enough time to deploy it safely.

Migration support

Version migrations should be managed with care. Odoo is one of the very few companies to offer Migration Services in its Enterprise contract. The cost of the technical migration of the certified modules is included in the Odoo enterprise fees. Custom modules can also be included for an additional fee.

Support and Maintenance

The customer may use the support services or report a bug directly within the application. He may also delegate the support hours to the Odoo partner he is working with if he wants a unique point of contact for support services.

One click Update

Unexpected bugs might cause delays and additional costs either during the development phase or once your software is implemented. Odoo Enterprise includes an unlimited warranty in time and in tickets for bugs related to certified Odoo modules.

AGPL v3 or AGPL + private Use

With Odoo Enterprise the customer has the choice to use Odoo under the AGPL v3 license or under the AGPL v3 + Private Use license.