Odoo CRM allows you to track your best leads and opportunities. You can customize your sales cycle, controls statistics and forecasts and setup marketing campaign automation to improve your sales performance.

Növelje értékesítési hatékonyságát a CRM folyamatok maximális ellenőrzésével és sikeres marketing kampányokkal a kiemelkedő üzleti eredményekért.

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Trace Leads & Opportunities

Manage your sales team, sales funnel and track your best leads and opportunities up to the sales order.

Plan Meetings & Phonecall

Follow-up your opportunities efficiently: Shared calendar of meetings, logs of calls, sales task etc.

Get Realtime Statistics

Get accurate forecasts with the Odoo CRM business intelligence engine to analyze your sales activities.

Acquire Leads

Odoo CRM provides an email gateway, website integration forms and plugins to create leads automatically through web-services.

Follow Quotes & Sales Order

Convert opportunities to quotations in one click, convert the quote to a sale order and follow-up a sales(invoicing, deliveries, etc..)

Run Marketing Campaigns

Odoo CRM allows you to automate your lead processing using marketing campaigns that automate emails or paper mails.

Be Mobile

Odoo CRM's calendar is synchronize with iPhone, Ms Outlook or Android.

Trace Leads & Opportunities

Manage your sales team, sales funnel and track your best leads and opportunities up to the sales order.


Manage the most important asset in your company: "People". With our module for personnel information management, leave, time tracking, attendance‚ expenses, periodic evaluations and recruitment.

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Track time and attendances

Record timesheets, check time spent on tasks, control your employees and project costs.

Follow recruitment

Keep track of the recruitment process to facilitate evaluation. Search and browse trough your CV base.


Giving you a comprehensive overview of your employees' timesheet and leaves in one single dashboard.

Plan periodic evaluations

Set-up evaluation plans for your employees and watch their evolution. Define steps with interviews and keep track of the progress.

Manage your employees

Enter all essential data on your employees and oversee all important information in your company address book.

Centralize your expenses

Get rid of the paper work and follow expenses directly into Odoo. Easy validation, reimbursement and re-invoicing.

Manage leave requests

Employees enter their requests (paid holidays, sick leave, etc), for managers to approve and validate.


Record your operations in a few clicks and manage all your financial activities in one place. Financial operations have never been easier.

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Smart User Interface

As an accountant, you need to be able to record a set of operations in just a few minutes.

Easy Payment Management

Reconcile invoices easily with payments through bank interfaces and check handling and printing.

Integrated Analytic accounting

Get your analytic accounting operations integrated with timesheets, projects, invoices, warehouse, etc.


Get your analytic accounting operations integrated with timesheets, projects, invoices, warehouse, etc. Unlimited currencies supported with daily automatic updates of rates.


Get your consolidated trial balance and consolidate statistics in real time.

Invoice Control

Get clear visibility of invoices awaiting from your supplier, control and validate them without re-encoding.

Automate your Follow-Ups

Set-up and automate follow-ups to get a periodical financial overview and get paid quickly.

Easy reconciliation

OpenERP helps you to easily reconcile invoices and payments using the manual approach or the automated wizard.

We support your country

We support: HU, US, DE, UK, ES, CH and other countries.

Dashboard & KPIs

Get customizable real time statistics with drill-up, drill-down, filter, drill-across data.


Odoo invented the double-entry inventory management system which allows to manage complex needs very easily: tracking stocks of suppliers/customers, full traceability, accounting links, etc. Odoo support multi-warehouse management based on hierarchical locational structure. Manage your own internal locations, external locations, customers, suppliers or manufacturing inventories.

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Advanced Logistic Routes

Odoo supports push and pull rules to define your complex routes in your warehouses.

Control Receptions

Just click on a location and attain a thorough inventory analysis, for a specified period with the inventory control.

See your inventory's worth

With the inventory valuation you can see the monetary value of your stock quantity, for each location.

Trace your stock moves

Track all past or future inventory transactions. Lists facilitate transactions from one location to another.

Never run out of stock

With minimum stock rules you have automatic orders with the right quantity to get the maximum specified level.


Simply create and track your purchase orders, manage your suppliers' info, control your products reception process and check suppliers' invoices.

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Automated Propositions

You will receive automated proposition of purchases by Odoo according to stock levels, sales, etc.

Control Receptions

With the inventory control manage back orders, reception control by orders lines and quality control.

Personalized analysis

Analyse the performance of your suppliers using the flexible reporting: delivery delays, discount on prices, etc.

Follow your suppliers

In the Address Book you can follow all moves and transactions related to a given supplier with the history tab.

Create your products

Odoo allows you to fully customize the information you want to input about your products.


Plan and control your supply chain through different applications in the Manufacturing module. Personalize your master data, configure planning, manage your manufacturing and work orders.

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Efficient Scheduling

Schedulers automatically organize manufacturing orders, launch purchase orders & reserve products in stock.

Bar Code Support

Use our bar code support to record time and operations on different work orders.

Flexibility in All Operations

Edit manually all operations at any level of the progress. With Odoo, you will not be frustrated by a rigid system.

Stock Analytics

Track the evolution of the stock value, according to the level of manufacturing activities as they progress in the transformation process.

Manage materials and HR

Define and plan efficiently the working time and capacity of your resources.

Master Data

Odoo supports: multi-level Bill of Materials, push & pull logistic rules, advanced routings.

Stock Alerts

Get your stock alerts generated in real time to avoid shortages at any given time.


Keep track and manage your projects using tasks for short term project execution or plan phases for long term planning.

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Collaborate Efficiently

Write tasks collaboratively using a shared pad, discuss with integrated chat, share tasks with customers.

Schedule automatically

The scheduler will help you plan tasks and phases according to your human resources availability.

Sync with Emails

Save time and send/receive emails related to your project. Communicate with your team, customers and suppliers.

Instant reports and analysis

Enjoy the smart user interface with graphical statistics, Gantt charts, calendars, etc..

Manage issues

Follow bugs and support requests, line-up the issues on projects while tracking your quality of service performance.


Odoo’s building blocks allow you to design modern websites from scratch. It’s extremely simple compared to the way other website builder work. Whether it’s for products descriptions, blogs or static pages, you don’t need to be a professional designer to create clean content. Just drag, drop and customize default building blocks.

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No synchronization. Full integration

Traditional eCommerce and CMS provide little integration with other systems because it’s not their core focus. With Odoo’s integration, you benefi t from the best management software to follow up on your orders, job applicants, leads and much more - all in an instant.


Use the unique ‘edit inline’ to create a professional catalogue of products and great product description pages.
Increase your revenue per order with builtin cross-selling and upselling features.

Quote Builder

Create polished, professional quotes in minutes and let your customer accept the quote on your website interface. Use crossselling and discounts to push and boost your sales


Write blog posts to engage with your visitors. The blog feature allows you to be found by internet search engines and build visitor loyalty by adding a one step subscription button.


Google Analytics tracks your shopping cart by default. Sitemap and structured content are created automatically for Google indexing.

Attract new visitors efficiently

«Promote» tool suggests keywords according to the most searched terms on Google. Search Engine Optimizationtools are ready-to-use, with no confi guration required.